Gaylan's - AVN ProBalance Canine Wellness Formula

Gaylan's - AVN ProBalance Canine Wellness Formula


PLEASE NOTE:  This special pricing is for current owners of a Gaylan Golden Retriever.   If you do not own a Gaylan dog and order through this page, your order will be cancelled. 

We have fed ProBalance® Canine Wellness Formula to all of our dogs--puppies, competition dogs, studs, brood bitches and seniors for 15 years. We recommend it to all of our puppy buyers, too. Why? Because our highest priorities are our dogs health and longevity and we know critical role that nutrition plays in these goals! AVN's ProBalance® Canine Wellness Formula differs from other popular multivitamin-mineral supplements because it includes an array of amino acids and important nutrients, like taurine, that often are lacking from commercial dog food and homemade diets. We found this ProBalance when seeking the advice of an independent canine nutritionist when we were establishing our nutritional protocol for our breeding animals. He recommended ProBalance and we have never looked back. Our dogs love it and yours will, too!

90 scoops per jar:

- 0-12 pounds 1/2 scoop

- 13-25 pounds 3/4 scoop

- 26-44 pounds 1 scoop

- 45-69 pounds 1.5 scoops

- 70-90 pounds 2 scoops

- Over 100 pounds 2 1/2 scoops

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