AVN FlexPro


Our personal dogs lead very active lives, which is why we add FlexPro to their daily nutrition when they are six months old.  The benefits they get from the joint-repairing support nutrients found in FlexPro help keep their joints lubricated and tendons and ligaments healthy. Our goal is to proactively support our dogs nutritionally so they can live long enriched, active lives.  FlexPro is one of the supplements that we feel is critical to use in reaching that goal.

120 tablets in the pouch

3-12 pounds  1/4 tablet daily

12-25 pounds 1/2 tablet daily

26-44 pounds 1 tablet daily

45-69 pounds  1 1/2 tablets daily

70-99 pounds  2 tablets daily

over 100 pounds  2 1/2 tablets daily

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