Avidog's Wonder Fleece


Wonder Fleece is now available in two colors - Ivory or Grey

IMPORTANT:  The Ivory that is available currently has a small dark mark on the back of the product about the size of a pencil eraser about every four feet.    Ivory without the marked back is expected in stock the second week of April.

We are excited to offer our favorite whelping pads!

We love Wonder Fleece because it:

  • provides fantastic traction for your litters
  • has a rubberized non-slip backing that keeps it in place
  • cuts easily
  • washes and dries easily
  • is non-allergenic and anti-bacterial
  • last for years (no kidding - we are still using pads we bought over 10 years ago!)
  • also makes great crate pads

Wonder Fleece comes in ivory or grey and is available in 30-foot lengths in the following widths:

30 inches    -    48 inches    -    60 inches 

We also offer custom sizing!   

If you need less than a 30-foot roll or would like us to custom cut your whelping box or crate pads, call us at (800) 305-2808 or email us  for a quote on your exact dimensions.  

Quoted shipping is for shipments within the United States.  Call to inquire about international shipping.

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