AVN GastroPro

AVN GastroPro


GastroPro is an optimal blend of prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes.  We have added this product to our store after using it on our eight-year old Golden who was regularly belching, passing gas and seemed to always have a noisy gut.  He had been on a quality probiotic for years but unlike our other dogs his GI system was off.  After using GastroPro for two weeks we noticed a significant improvement so are excited to offer this product in our store.

Comes in a 6.35-oz eco-friendly pouch

72 scoops per pouch:

- 0-12 pounds 1/3 scoop

- 13-25 pounds 2/3 scoop

- 26-44 pounds 1 scoop

- 45-69 pounds 1 1/2 scoop

- 70-99 pounds 2 scoops

- Over 100 pounds 2 1/2 scoops

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