Canadian Seminar Special - Ocu-GLO™


Ocu-GLO™ provides optimal support of your dog’s eye health and natural eye care. As Golden Retriever owners who have had to deal with serious eye diseases in our breed we fully understand the importance annual checkups are for long-term eye care. We do our best to receive a good report from the veterinary opthalologist at each visit by giving our dogs Ocu-GLO™ daily. Ocu-GLO™ has been developed for all breeds of dogs. Ocu-GLO™ is a nutraceutical comprised of 12 natural antioxidants, including grapeseed extract, lutein and omega-3 fatty acids (GLO). Until now, each of these key ingredients has not been available in a combination blend. Veterinary ophthalmologists have formulated all 12 antioxidants into a single-dose, natural nutraceutical of the highest quality for your dog’s health! Ocu-GLO™ is available by the bottle (90-capsules) or by the case (12 bottles).

How long will one bottle of Ocu-GLO Rx last?

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