Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test (APET) Kit

Gaylan's - Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test (APET) Kit


Puppies and dogs whose temperaments match their home and family thrive for a lifetime, while pups who don't fit well in their homes are often unhappy, destructive and difficult! Even the best raised pup will not do well in a home that doesn't want or use its innate energy, drives, focuses and sociability. So, how do we evalute pups AND their potential owners well enough to give everyone the best chance at a happy life together? Using the Avidog Puppy Evaluation Test or APET! The APET evaluates up to 33 puppy temperament traits that are predictive of adult personalities. It also enables trainers, breeders and owners to individualize early training guidance for that pup's critical first few months. We've spent 30 years finetuning this temperament evaluation for our own breeding program, for service dog organizations, and for hundreds of breeders of all types of dogs, from pets to search and rescue dogs, from toy dogs to giant breeds. The APET Kit is a complete, online product that includes an 100-plus-page, downloadable ebook, which describes each temperament trait and how to evalute it, which homes each trait fits best in, and how to tweak each trait, if needed. The Kit also includes downloadable testing forms, a list of the supplies you will need, video examples of traits, two complete APET test videos with scoring sheets and training guidance, sample training plans and instructions needed to perform the APET. Ideal for dog breeders, trainers, performance owners, and working dog breeding programs, the APET will help you find out who each puppy is at a deeper level to ensure that pup goes to home where it will thrive!

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