Gaylan's - AVN Cogni-Pro

Gaylan's - AVN Cogni-Pro


PLEASE NOTE:  This special pricing is for current owners of a Gaylan Golden Retriever.   If you do not own a Gaylan dog and order through this page, your order will be cancelled. 

Having had great success with other AVN products, we tried CogniPro on a couple of our older dogs to see if we saw improvement in their cognitive function.   We were pleasantly surprised to see that within a month they all had less "senior moments."  Since then many of our customers are finding the same results with their senior dogs!

Comes in a 12-oz eco-friendly pouch

72 scoops per pouch:

- 0-12 pounds 1/3 scoop

- 13-25 pounds 2/3 scoop

- 26-44 pounds 1 scoop

- 45-69 pounds 1 1/2 scoop

- 70-99 pounds 2 scoops

- Over 100 pounds 2 1/2 scoops

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