Your dog's microbiome, the trillions of bacteria that live in its gut and on its skin, support a strong immune system, mental stability and good digestive health. Probiotics support your dog's microbiome by introducing good bacteria into your dog's gut.

We have used Geneflora for over 14 years for our personal dogs and thousands of our puppies and client dogs. The beneficial bacterium in Geneflora is intended to strengthen your dog's immune system and improve digestion. This bacteria (Bacillus coagulan, sometimes called Lactobacillus sporogenes) is a spore-forming microorganism that makes it heat resistant and able to survive a dog's stomach acid so it can reach the intestines where it can do its job!  Geneflora does not need to be refrigerated so you'll never have to throw out a jar because you forgot to put it back in the fridge.

We highly recommend you feed Geneflora to your dog every day for its entire life!

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