Grizzly Pollock Oil


DHA is one of the supplements that is a must to add to our dogs' daily diet. Pollock oil is an excellent source of DHA, although it's not as well known as salmon oil. We offer our clients Grizzly Pollock Oil as an alternative to salmon oil. Sourced from wild Alaskan pollock this oil is readily available and is a more affordable source of DHA. Grizzly Pollock Oil supplies the DHA for a 70-pound dog with just five pumps of oil each day, nearly half the cost of Grizzly Salmon Oil. Why not save a little and give it a try. Our dogs love the taste and we're sure your dogs will, too.

  • 30 calories per pump
  • 16 oz. bottle = 133 pumps
  • 32 oz bottle = 267 pumps
  • 64 oz bottle = 534 pumps
  • 195 mg DHA, 385 mg EPA

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