Adventure Box – Fully Dressed

Seminar Special - Adventure Box – Fully Dressed


We created the Avidog Adventure Box while seeking to optimize our pups' development. We knew that the time pups are with their breeder is the second most critical learning period in their lives. We also knew that pups are learning 24/7, whether we gave them developmental toys or not. So we thought, "Why not have something in the pen to develop their brains and bodies, innoculate them to stress, and stimulate their senses of sight, sound and touch?" We built a box of noisy, heavy, colorful, inviting, moving objects that took advantage of young puppies' innate attraction to novel things and fearlessness. And thus the Avidog Adventure Box was born! We then tested and tweaked the Box with hundreds of our puppies and thousands of other pups to ensure it was safe and effective. It's cute, too! Introduced at the appropriate time, ideally between 3 and 6 weeks of age, this innovative, developmental tool will help your puppies become more confident, stable adult dogs. Get one for your litter (or your breeder) and see what the experiences will do for your pups.

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